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Q: What is 2 under par in golf?

A:Each course has a set amount of strokes to finish, this set amount is called par. To be u... Read More

Q: What does 2 over par mean in golf?

A:2 over par is showed with a +2 symbol next to the golfers name and it means that Read More

Q: What do get when you score a 2 on a par 5 hole in golf?

A:It's called an Albatross or also double eagle From Wikipedia Read More

Q: What is it called in golf on a par 5 when u get a score of 2

A:A hole played in 3 strokes under par is rare and it called a 'double eagle' or an 'albatross.' Read More

Q: What do you call it when you make a par 5 in 2 strokes in golf?

A:Three under Par is a very rare score, and now three under Par is generally referred to an "Albatross." Read More

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