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Q: How is pedigree dog food for puppies?

A:I'm sorry, it's one of the worst foods on the market. In almost every single one of its foods the first ingredient corn, which is a filler through and through. ... Read More

Q: How much is a bag of pedigree puppy food?

A:8.8 lbs at Petco costs $10.99. Read More

Q: What brand of puppy food is better? Purina or Pedigree?

A:They are both no good. Do not buy food from the supermarkets or the big box stores. Buy from a high quality pet store that sells food that is human grade. Some ... Read More

Q: How do people rate Bil Jac & Pedigree puppy food?

A:Overall Rating: User Rating 4 Star Rating star(s) Bil Jac & Pedigree puppy food Read More